Oh my God! Let’s be friends! you said
And we re-entered the wilderness of kindergarten
You hugged me like we were five years old and went everywhere running so the only way to make contact was to crash
I liked you off-balance and giddy
I admired the blinders you wore
If anyone called you, say, a train wreck, you wouldn’t care
You kept their opinions out of your line of sight 
If we were an accident, then we were the kind you can’t look away from 
But lately, our parts are starting to feel more broken
You don’t move like a whirlwind anymore
You sit like a Christmas gift
Legs crossed, arms wrapped up
Big tinsel bow tied around your throat only lets the right words out
Are you suffocating? ‘Cause 
You spit this conversation like it’s battle strategy
I see you stacking up admirers on your trophy shelf 
These days walking beside you leaves me feeling cold
I brew tea and wonder what went wrong
The kettle boils
Knows how delicious it feels when your insides turn to hot water and start singing
I wonder why I’ve never heard you sing
Sometimes your wrapping paper arms rustle like you just might be moved 
But you always go still-life before anyone can say, That girl? She feels this deep
I watch a bug die on its back in the sun 
His stubby arms flail on the garden’s green tile and I hear him cry
He is not afraid to die loudly
I loved you, he says,
Life, if I have to go, let us not part without this
This death is the dance I tried to perfect among the clouds
I do it now, the best I can
When you said you didn’t dance,
I wondered whether inside, you really believe you’re alive
Are all these calculations eating away at your core?
Because life is spontaneous creation
Who has time to plan anything out when at any moment, you could be plucked out of the sky?
Who taught you how to smile?
I guess your books told you that you need an excuse
But my books said, Radiate at every chance you get
I think one day you will learn to radiate
Sometimes I see your eyes glisten
The slope of your back get less Cartesian
I think, finally, you’ll let your edges grow ragged
Bare your uncouth, your don’t-know-the-right-word, your don’t-know-how-to-say-I-love-you, but
I saw bamboo in that garden 
It was swaying like a dancer’s spine
It made me think of you
They told me that bamboo has been there since the last hurricane
They said that stuff never breaks
You will remember your posture
Sharpen your social niceties
Load them like bullets in your mouth
Walk into a room and fire
I want to be friends with you
But you don’t make friends 
You just add casualties to a list 
Do you know who you are
When there’s no one else around?